Fargo’s Only Yoga, Yoga Therapy & Pilates Studio

Soulista is a yoga, classical pilates and yoga therapy studio located in the Fargo Moorhead area. I offer classes, workshops and trainings that are perfect for the beginner and those that are in need of healing. My teaching is practical and informative and attracts those that are interested in practicing safety, precision and alignment that honors the body’s healthy movement patterns.

Soulista’s goal is to provide you:

  • the tools to move pain free & with greater freedom
  • enjoy relaxing retreats for wellness while exploring Yoga, Yoga Therapy or Pilates at a deeper level
  • a learning environment to access the healing properties of yoga and yoga therapy to reduce the stress and tension in your life
  • access to the beautiful integration of how yoga, yoga therapy, and pilates can offer less constriction and tension to allow stability and strength in the body
  • to get overall enjoyment out of life through ease not force
  • focus and clarity of mind
  • to get to know each and everyone that walks into my studio
Darcy Neumann

Darcy Neumann

Owner, Teacher and Trainer

Through my experience and observation I believe everyone approaches each of these disciplines with different expectations, needs, and wants. To meet your individual needs as best as I can I have a unique blend of yoga therapy, somatics, traditional yoga, and classical pilates.

Embrace your life ~ Darcy Neumann

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Therapeutic Yoga

Have you been living your life in pain?

You don’t have too.Using techniques and exercises, patience and persistence it is possible to find release from pain.

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For overall mind and body improvement.

Pilates enhances overall flexiblity, improves poster, joint health and bone density through movement designed to lengthen, strengthen and balance the body.

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Yoga Education & Training

Are you a Yoga Instructor looking for more?  Do you desire to go deeper?

NEW!! FALL, 2016 Soulista if offering ADVANCED Yoga Intensive Modules.  If you are ready to take your teaching and your personal practice to a deeper level and move beyond the basics in areas of yoga that serve you best, click below to learn more.

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Welcome to Soulista

Hello, I am Darcy Neumann, owner of Soulista located in the Fargo Moorhead area. As an instructor, trainer and educator in Yoga, Pilates, and Yoga Therapy, I offer a variety of yoga and pilates classes, workshops, trainings and retreats.

A New Year is quickly upon us and I have been planning a whole bunch!  Here is a look at what I have been working on:

Foundations of Yoga; this course will have a therapeutic perspective on how to approach the poses we all know so well in yoga.  We will not only break down the poses, but we will release and open the body inviting the poses into our bodies.

Workshops:  I am offering several workshops that really have a blend of yoga, yoga therapeutics and pilates.  Learn to release, stabilize and stabilize your body with a progressive responsible approach.

9-month Yoga Study: this fall I won’t be offering my 200 hr TT Program.  Instead I am offering a yoga study program.  If you are a beginner, practicing yogi, or a teacher of yoga this study will give you deeper insight to what yoga is within and beyond the poses.


Embrace your life ~ Darcy