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welcome to Soulista

Hello, I am Darcy Neumann, owner of Soulista located in the Fargo Moorhead area. As an instructor, trainer and educator in Yoga, Pilates, and Nutrition Coaching, I offer a variety of yoga and pilates classes, workshops, trainings and retreats.

Through my experience and observation I believe everyone approaches each of these disciplines with different expectations, needs, and wants. I have found through a  unique blend of yoga therapy, somatics, traditional yoga, and classical pilates that I am able to provide each participant, instructor and guest with:

  • the tools to move pain free & painless
  • enjoy relaxing retreats for wellness
  • explore Yoga or Pilates at a deeper level 
  • learning deep breathing techniques to reduce the stress in your life
  • to get overall enjoyment out of life

Embrace your life ~ Darcy