A Therapeutic & Healing Studio

Soulista is a yoga, yoga therapy and educational studio located in the Fargo Moorhead area. I offer classes, privates, workshops and trainings that are perfect for the beginner and those that are in need of healing. My teaching is practical and informative and attracts those that are interested in practicing safety, precision and alignment that honors the body’s healthy movement patterns.  As life is a journey so is the practice of staying healthy, exploring and moving away from habits that form tension, stress and pain in the body.  A commitment to ourselves through a regular practice I promise will worth the journey.

Soulista’s goal is to provide you:

  • the tools to move pain free & with greater freedom
  • enjoy relaxing retreats for wellness while exploring Yoga, Yoga Therapy and education at a deeper level
  • a learning environment to access the healing properties of yoga and yoga therapy to reduce the stress and tension in your life
  • access to the beautiful integration of how yoga and yoga therapy  can offer less constriction and tension to allow stability and strength in the body
  • to get overall enjoyment out of life through ease not force
  • focus and clarity of mind
  • to get to know each and everyone that walks into my studio
  • mindfulness classes that help tie the physical practice together – because we are more than physical being
Darcy Neumann

Darcy Neumann

Owner, Teacher and Trainer

Through my experience and observation I believe everyone approaches each of these disciplines with different expectations, needs, and wants. To meet your individual needs as best as I can I have a unique blend of yoga therapy, somatics, traditional yoga, and classical pilates.

Embrace your life ~ Darcy Neumann

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Therapeutic Yoga

Have you been living your life in pain?

You don’t have too! Using techniques and a new movement practice, patience and persistence it is possible to find release from pain. If stress from work, school, family, aging, uncertainty about the future, and a feeling of “out of control” is overwhelming you, try a practice that you give you the tools to apply at any time.  I am passionate about giving you the ingredients to a practice that you can apply at home or anywhere as needed.

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Therapeutic Pilates

For overall mind and body improvement.

Pilates enhances overall flexiblity, improves poster, joint health and bone density through movement designed to lengthen, strengthen and balance the body.

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Yoga Education & Training

In depth Workshops

Although classes are a great way to practice add a workshop and your practice will become a new experience.  Each workshop will give you new insight in movement that you will be able to express and experiment with in my classes – they are designed to compliment each other.  Healthy movement patterns (movement without pain) do take time to develop so click below to stay current on my workshop schedule.

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Welcome to Soulista

We all experience times of stress in our lives and bodies at times.  Stress can have a healthy motivation or if left unconsciously unattended can begin to show up in the body as pain, intolerance, forgetfulness or other symptoms we may shrug off until finally we are forced to take care of ourselves.

We are heading into a busy time of the year – that can be Stressful!  So, I am planning ahead for some New Year Programming including classes, speciality courses, workshops, trainings, etc. that will be available and ready to go for you in 2017.  Although the following are entirely detailed out, here is a sampling of what is coming:

Therapeutic and Healing Yoga; these classes will be a combination of therapeutic release work to prepare your body for a particular yoga pose(s).  Yoga is therapeutic and I believe if we approach the poses will self knowledge on what serves us best we will experience them with an openness that keeps our bodies resilient in times when we feel overwhelmed and stressed. These classes will be offered a couple times a week.

Workshops:  I am offering several workshops that really have a blend of yoga, yoga therapeutics and therapeutic pilates.  Learn to release and stabilize your body with a progressive responsible approach.  Please check out the workshop tab for details.

Speciality Courses & Classes: these are new in 2017 and are going to offered 1 – 2 times a month.  I am really excited to bring these to YOU!  Each month I will offer classes like:  Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness Courses, Therapeutic Restorative Yoga that will compliment the work you are doing in the movement classes or privates.  The big bonus is these courses/classes will be offered FREE to members (soon to be revealed).

9-month Yoga Study: Coming Fall 2017 !   I am offering a yoga study program.  If you are a beginner, practicing yogi, or a teacher of yoga this study will give you deeper insight to what yoga is within and beyond the poses.

Embrace your life ~ Darcy